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LightStar torque wrenches tackle, arguably, one of the most challenging parts of the assembly process is auditing and ensuring proper torque in fasteners.

Choose LightStar torque wrenches as your torque audit tool

Arguably, one of the most challenging parts of the assembly process is auditing and ensuring proper torque in fasteners. In assembly operations, torque audit tools are vital to ensure that the fasteners have been installed properly and the right torque has been applied. Torque auditing prevents over or under-torquing, and it validates the fastening process, leading to improved product quality and a reduction in possible warranty claims.

What Does a Lightstar™ Wrench Measure?

The most vital feature of a torque wrench is its ability to give you reliable readings. Different factors affect reliability, but the most pertinent one is using the right tool for the job. You use a torque wrench for specific purposes, and operating one is simple enough. You only need to adjust settings to see if the assembler has applied the necessary torque on the fastener.

If the torque setting is correct, the wrench will make an audible click, a vibration, or a digital read-out. In noisy environments, having non-auditory alerts like vibrations and visual cues are necessary. If you’re purchasing a torque wrench, you must consider its accuracy, torque capacity, and overall quality.

How Does a Lightstar™ Wrench Work?

The LightStar torque wrench’s vibration motor will reflect good or bad conditions when you pull on the wrench to audit or set a fastener. You know that the reading is good if you have green in-spec LEDs on the wrench and corresponding in-spec feedback from the data collector.

Meanwhile, if you have a bad reading, you get the red out-spec LEDs and out-of-spec feedback from the collector. Other conditions will have different vibrations, and the wrench differentiates buzz alerts according to conditions. You can also disable this functionality if you want.

LightStar™ wrenches use sensors that enable the operator to pull at any point on the wrench when measuring. You will receive an accurate measurement every time, and this wrench is insensitive to the point of load. This feature is crucial when you measure fasteners in hard-to-reach areas.


One of the best tools you can use in torque auditing is the LightStar™ Torque Wrench. This quality tool measures residual torque in installed fasteners, and it is designed specifically for auditing and quality improvement.

For LightStar™ torque wrenches and other quality metrology tools, call Met Optix today on 1300 363 409.

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