Roundness Measuring Systems

For measuring roundness and cylindricity.


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Why Choose Taylor Hobson roundness measuring systems?

As the name suggests, roundness measuring systems measure the roundness of a shaft or a concentric component. These machines also derive other information such as concentricity of one part of a shaft to another and run-out.

The measurement of roundness in a shaft or concentric component that rotates inside machinery is critical to ensure no out-of-balance conditions or undue wear on the bearings and journals.



The range of roundness measuring systems equipment from Taylor Hobson has become the industry standard for roundness measurement around the world.

The Taylor Hobson series of roundness products are classified into four groups: shop-floor, high precision roundness, large capacity and multi-part high precision roundness.


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Taylor Hobson Roundness Measurement  Range


Shopfloor roundness

A range of roundness products robust enough for the shop floor but accurate enough for any inspection room.


High precision roundness

Includes a range of systems such as the Talyrond® TR 595H PRO, Talyrond® TR 585H PRO and Talyrond® 565H PRO models.


Multi-part and ultra high precision roundness

The range includes the Talyrond® 500 HS PRO multi-axis measurement system and the Talyrond® 595 UHPR PRO the most accurate roundness measurement system in the world.


Large capacity roundness

Includes the Talyrond® 565/585 XL PRO models for large diameter bearings and non-rotationally symmetric components and the Talyrond® 1700 PRO model for precision inspection of roundness and cylindrical geometry of large, heavy or complex components.



Non-contact roundness

TALYScan 280 is built for fast, non-contact inspection of roundness, straightness, parallelism, taper, roughness and diameter from one full 3D.


The TALYROND Aerostack system using the Talyrond 585 XL roundness measuring machine is the leading technology for the accurate assembly of gas jet turbine engines.

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