Contract Measurement

Use our equipment for your next measurement project.

Contract Measurement Equipment Range

API Radian Plus Laser Tracker. 50m Range


Suitable for Large Volume Measurement Work

Use for large volume measurements and machine tool calibrations.


Easy to Useand Simple to Set-up

Comes complete with 1-1/2″ SMR, metric tooling kit, tripod and calibration tripod. Complete with Verisurf CAD/Measure software.

What Other Equipment is Available for Contract Measurement?


Calibrations performed by WENZEL technicians.

STARRETT Optical Comparators

Calibrations performed by Met Optix technicians.

STARRETT Vision Systems

Calibrations performed by Met Optix technicians.

TAYLOR HOBSON Talyrond and Talysurf systems

Taylor Hobson technicians perform calibrations.

ALICONA InfiiniteFocus Systems

Calibrations using technicians from Alicona.

Portable Measuring Arms

Performed locally by Met Optix technicians.


Master3DGage Portable Measurement Arm


1.2 metre 6-axis

The Master3DGage is ideal for small accurate measurement tasks. We have also used this recently for reverse engineering parts like small machined impellors.


Easy to Use and Set-Up

Supplied with Verisurf CAD/Measure software package.

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