Calibration and Verification 

Annual calibration is recommended by most manufacturers and is essential for maintaining the accuracy of a system.



Essential for maintaining the accuracy of your system!

Most metrology equipment manufacturers would recommend annual calibration of their systems to maintain accuracy and repeatability.


NATA Certification?

Met Optix’s factory-trained technicians are able to carry out routine annual calibration services. We can also provide a NATA-certified calibration – if required.


What Equipment Do We Calibrate?




Calibrations performed by WENZEL technicians.

STARRETT Optical Comparators

Calibrations performed by Met Optix technicians.

STARRETT Vision Systems

Calibrations performed by Met Optix technicians.

TAYLOR HOBSON Talyrond and Talysurf systems

Taylor Hobson technicians perform calibrations.

ALICONA InfiiniteFocus Systems

Calibrations using technicians from Alicona.

Portable Measuring Arms

Performed locally by Met Optix technicians.


Calibration or Verification. What’s the Difference?



There is widespread misunderstanding about the difference between calibration and verification. Calibration is when we adjust the system to achieve its specified accuracy and change the error map.



Verification, performed after calibration, is the cross-check on the accuracy, ideally using a different set of artefacts. Verification can also be performed as a stand-alone service to check the metrology systems’ accuracy.

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