WENZEL Gear Measuring CMMs

The popular LH Series CMMs with integrated rotary table.

About WENZEL Gear Measuring CMMs

  • Models: LH Series with turntable and GT series (special machines for gear measurement)
  • Services Provided: Full sales, spare parts and accessories, support, installation and training
  • Applications and Uses: Ideal for workshops, machine shops and general industry.
    Wenzel-gear-measuring -CMM

    WENZEL LH Gear Measuring CMMs

    All measuring machines of the LH series can also be configured with an integrated rotary table, in other words WENZEL gear measuring CMMs. This enables both the precise 4-axis measurement of rotationally symmetrical components and the reliable measurement of the entire spectrum of prismatic components.

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    WENZEL Gantry CMMs

    The WENZEL LH Series Gantry CMMs have been specially designed to inspect large-volume and heavy workpieces. The raised guides in the Y-axis also ensure maximum stability and rigidity, even with dynamic movements.

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    WENZEL Quartis software

    For WENZEL CMMs we recommend the use of WM | Quartis software. This has been specially developed by the WENZEL software team for their range high-quality of CMMs.

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