CMM Master

A fast and easy to use CMM derivative.

About Verisurf CMM Master

Verisurf CMM MASTER is a Renishaw Equator system that has been fully 3D error-mapped and when combined with Verisurf AUTOMATE software gives full CMM capabilities to the hardware.
Along with Verisurf CAD, this module is the minimum requirement with Verisurf.

  • Available in two sizes 300 Series and 500 Series for extra height work
  • Fully programmable
  • Volumetric accuracy +/- 12.7 microns

Whether from CATIA, UG, Pro-E, SolidWorks or another CAD system, Verisurf Analysis lets you import the nominal CAD model and compare it against internal and vendor inspection data. Analyze points-to-points, points-to-curves, points-to-surfaces or points-to-meshes and instantly generate deviation reports. Customizable “best-fit” capabilities innovatively determine the optimal fit between the data and the model.

For reporting, Verisurf Analysis generates Excel-based text and HTML-based colour reports, including colour deviation mapping for clear, practical analysis.


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