SMRs for Laser Trackers

SMRs are mirrored targets used with instruments such as laser trackers to help compute 3D distances and positions.

About SMRs for Laser Trackers

Spherical mirror retroflectors or SMRs are designed to accurately reflect the laser light from a laser tracker so that distance and angles can be calculated.
Our SMR range includes

  • Break-resistant
  • Nulla fermentum
  • Metus quis
  • Sodales tristique

Key Features of SMRs for Laser Trackers

SMRs for laser trackers and associated tooling kits are essential items for any laser tracker installation. The SMRs are the targets by which the laser tracker determines the 3D position in space of the center-point of the SMR on the physical part being measured.

There are a range of standard diameters for SMRs fro 1/2 to 2″ with 1-1/2″ being the most commonly used size.

SMRs are delicate tooling devices and care should be taken so that they are not dropped.


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