PEEL 3.CAD Hand-Held 3D Scanner

Adds CAD functionality to the PEEL 3.

About PEEL 3.CAD hand-held 3D scanner

  • Models: PEEL 3 and PEEL 3.CAD
  • Services Provided: Full sales, spare parts and accessories, support, installation and training
  • Applications and Uses: Ideal for workshops, machine shops and general industry.
    PEEL 3.CAD-in-action

    peel 3.CAD comes with peel.CAD: reverse engineering software tailored specifically for your 3D scanner. Prepare your scans to transform them into CAD files in your favorite CAD software. Take advantage of ultra-fast processing times that quickly optimize meshes and extract all the geometrical information you need for treatment in your CAD software.


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    The PEEL 3 3D hand-held scanner is an entry-level means of collecting 3D scan data to perform tasks, including reverse engineering, inspection and preparing models for 3D printing.


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    We offer a full range of accessories available for both the PEEL 2 and PEEL 3 models 3D scanners.

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