Multi-Part and Ultra High Precision Roundness Measurement

Simple to use, highly accurate roundness measurement systems from the world leader in roundness measurement – Taylor Hobson.

About Taylor Hobson Multi-Part and Ultra High Precision Roundness

  • Models: Talyrond® 500 HS PRO and Talyrond® 595 UHPR PRO
  • Services Provided: Full sales, spare parts, and accessories, support, installation, and training
  • Applications and Uses: Ideal for workshops, machine shops, and general industry.
    calibration sphere

    Talyrond® 500 HS PRO

    The Talyrond® 500 HS PRO is the number-one choice for manufacturers of precision components including bearings, lens moulds, fuel injectors and much more…

    • Bearings – Harmonic analysis, tilt and form error to axis, roundness
    • Medical – Roundness, form and radius analysis
    • Fuel injectors – Angle and distance, surface finish, Roundness
    • Lens moulds – Surface finish, parallelism and cylindricity
    • Camera phone lens holders – Parallelism and roundness

    Talyrond® 595 UHPR PRO

    With the LH, you benefit from a highly functional, practical and flexible measuring machine that is as reliable and easy to operate as ever. The LH series combines first-class mechanical engineering with intelligent software, accessory options, and a comprehensive service package.


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    Shopfloor roundness

    A range of roundness products robust enough for the shop floor but accurate enough for any inspection room.


    High-precision roundness

    Includes a range of systems such as the Talyrond® TR 595H PRO, Talyrond® TR 585H PRO and Talyrond® 565H PRO models.


    Large capacity roundness

    Includes the Talyrond® 565/585 XL PRO models for large diameter bearings and non-rotationally symmetric components and the Talyrond® 1700 PRO model for precision inspection of roundness and cylindrical geometry of large, heavy or complex components.

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