Metronor MultiCam

METRONOR probing systems using multiple cameras.

About Metronor MultiCam

The Metronor MultiCam solution consists of a multiple-camera set-up for a METRONOR DUO system that allows the measurement of large-volume objects without the need to move cameras. Accuracy and repeatability are key features of this system.


The METRONOR MultiCam system from Metronor uses pairs of cameras to take measurements around large objects that are being measured.

The solution is cost-effective as only additional low-cost cameras are required as well as a MultiCam software license.


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The Metronor SOLO system, as the name suggests consists of a single camera system and LED light pen.


Metronor DUO

The DUO system consists of two cameras and a light pen to increase the measurement volume of the system.


Metronor M-Scan

M-Scan is a laser scanner encased in a carbon fibre cage that has active LED targets. The camera system tracks the position of the scanner to collect 3D data without markers.

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