Levelness Measurement

Including the world-famous Taylor Hobson Talyvel and the TESA Cinobevel inclinometer.

Levelness Measurement with Taylor Hobson Talyvel 6 electronic level

Talyvel 6 electronic level from Taylor Hobson is used for checking and setting. Some examples of the applications for Talyvel 6 include:

  • Level: (to gravity)
  • Straightness (of machine rails)
  • Flatness: (of granite tables)
  • Setting horizontal reference

Levelness Measurement with TESA Clinobevels digital inclinometers

Clinobevels are a compact universal instrument for direct and differential measurements. Measuring range ±45° with the display of measured angles or inclinations. Reinforced aluminium housing, aluminium oxide surface. Large digital display for error-free interpretation of readings.

Supplied with CLINOSOFT software permitting the visualisation and storage of measurements as well as the USB cable to the host computer.

TESA digital inclinometers are available in two models CLINOBEVEL 1 and the new CLINOBEVEL 3. 

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