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About Pinpoint Laser Alignment Systems.

Microgage PRO Plus, Microgage 2D and Microgage 2000

Class 2 red (630-670 nm) laser light

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Key Features of  Pinpoint Laser Alignment Systems.

Micro Alignment Laser is a laser measuring instrument equipped with the latest optical and electronic components for precise measuring of straightness, flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity, alignment and much more.

It comprises a highly stable laser transmitter with integrated micro-adjustment for fine alignment of the laser beam, a high-precision position sensitive device (PSD) receiver with a complete electronic processing system and software for use on a laptop, notebook or desktop PC.

The software provides users with comprehensive support for extensive geometrical measuring including recording of data in reports.

  • Simple compact design
  • Easy icon driven software
  • Digital output with clear graphical display and report facility
  • Battery operated with blue tooth wireless technology

Applications & Kits

A range of kits from Pinpoint Laser handle an extensive range of laser alignment applications across most industries.

Straightness and linear alignment

Laser alignment systems are used extensively around the world to measure straightness and perform linear alignment tasks on a wide variety odf machine tools.

Squareness and perpendicularity measurement

Squareness and perpendicularity measurements are crucial for machine tool builders and laser alignment systems from Pinpoint Laser have been specifically designed for this application.

Spindle alignment

A fundamental application of laser alignment systems is the alignment of a spindle and the tailstock of machine tools such as lathes. The laser sender unit is mounted in the spindle and a receiver at the tailstock end of the machine is used to record the off-axis position.

Parallelisim measurement

Machine tools need to have guide-ways parallel to each other and a laser alignment system with mirrors and targets is ideal for this applicatoin.

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