Dynamic Interferometers

Leading interferometer technology from 4D Technology.

About 4D Technology Dynamic Interferometers

  • Models: 4D InSpec Standard
  • Services Provided: Full sales, spare parts and accessories, support, installation and training
  • Applications and Uses: Ideal for workshops, machine shops and general industry.

    4D Technology’s dynamic interferometers use patented, instantaneous phase sensors to measure the shape of surfaces with extreme accuracy, despite vibration and environmental noise.

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    AccuFiz Fizeau Interferometers

    The 4D InSpec XL system is a surface inspection tool for defects with a larger field-of-view, better resolution, and larger depth of focus than the standard system.


    PhaseCam Twyman-Green Interferometers

    A full range of accessories and options is available for the 4D InSpec systems.

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