ControlCAT Software

Included with all zCAT systems.

About ControlCAT Software

  • Software package: ControlCAT
  • Services Provided: Full sales, support, installation and training
  • Applications and Uses: Ideal for workshops, machine shops and general industry.

    The zCAT is delivered standard with the ControlCAT software, which allows you to perform many types of measurements: distance, circle, plane, line, and points.

    To take full advantage of the performance of the zCAT, optional software developed by Aberlink, such as zCAT MK4 3D, zCAT CAD Comparison and zCAT Programming from CAD module.

    For the ultimate use of the zCAT, we recommend the Verisurf AUTOMATE package.

    Related Products


    zCAT MK4 software

    From Aberlink in the UK the next step up in software from the base ControlCAT package.


    Verisurf AUTOMATE software

    Verisurf AUTOMATE package is used to run the zCAT portable CMM and produce inspection plans and reports.

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