API Hand-Held Laser Tracker Targets

Includes the vProbe probing system and iScan laser scanning system tracked by the laser tracker.

About API Hand-Held Laser Tracker Targets

API produces a number of hand-held targets suitable for tracking by a laser tracker, which enables users to probe beyond the line of sight of the tracker as well as collected point cloud data with laser scanning for greater positional accuracy.
Key products include

  • vProbe II
  • iScan

Key Features of API Hand-Held Laser Tracker Targets

API hand-held laser tracker targets are different from SMRs in that they help users measure features that may be beyond the line of sight of the laser tracker. Long detachable probes, up to 400 mm in length are fitted to the vProbe giving the laser tracker more flexibility when measuring hidden features.

The iScan laser scanning system, adds additional functionality to the laser scanner by collecting point cloud data, usually after the part being measured has been aligned to the 3D CAD model using the probe to probe known and well-defined features.


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