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The world-class range from Taylor Hobson includes the leading brands of Surtronic® and Talyrond® for hand-held, shop floor, and lab operation.

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Why choose Taylor Hobson surface roughness measurement or form systems?

Surface roughness measurement systems are devices that measure the surface roughness or contours of surfaces. Typically these devices use a stylus that runs over the surface being measured and an element called a gauge converts the small up and down movements of the stylus to an electrical signal that with the aid of software quantifies the measurement.



The Taylor Hobson advanced manufacturing facility in Leicester, UK produces the surface profile ad roughness measuring equipment and has its own UKAS-certified laboratory that is capable of certifying the accuracy of all equipment and reference standards supplied.


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Taylor Hobson Surface Roughness Measurement and Profiler Range

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Hand-Held Surtronic® DUO II

The Taylor Hobson Surtronic DUO surface roughness measuring system is an entry-level, but highly productive way in which to repeatably measure surface roughness.


Shop Floor INTRA

Cost effective, self-contained, robust portable contour solution with built in 90 mm Z height adjust and optional 450 mm column to accommodate large or tall components. 


Form Talysurf® i-Series PRO Range

The Taylor Hobson Form Talysurf and Talysurf i-Series are ideal for measuring form and surface roughness in the lab or in the workshop.

Surtronic® S100 range

The Surtronic family, the Surtronic S-100 series is a range of roughness testers that builds on the capabilities of the Surtronic 25.

Skid vs Skidless Systems

Check out the video where the experts from Taylor Hobson show the differences between the skidded S100 system and the skidless INTRA.

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