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Why InspecVision for your next sheet metal inspection system?

The Planar system has been specially designed for use in the sheet metal industry for quality control and reverse engineering applications. The system can be used for very quickly measuring or reverse-engineering flat parts which have been manufactured on laser, plasma and water jet cutting systems as well as punched and some stamped parts.


The Planar measuring system consists of the Planar product range, add-on components such as the Surf Scan, as well as other products such as OptiScan – both manual and motorised.

Planar has been proven as a very practical solution for measuring other products such as gaskets and O-rings.

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Planar is the world’s fastest 2D measuring system and is ideal for sheet metal components, o-rings and gaskets.


Surf Scan

SurfScan is an add-on high-resolution projector that mounts onto the existing column of a Planar system for a 3D  scan of the upper surface of a part.


Opti-Scan 3D

Opti-Scan 3D uses a high-resolution camera and a LED DLP projector to scan the surface of an object, allowing the measurement of surfaces and edges in 3D.

Integrated Augmented Reality

The Planar with its new augmented reality functionality makes it even easier to measure your sheet metal parts.

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