Portable Measuring Arms

Portable measuring arms are ideal for taking 3D measurements in the field,  highly transportable and accurate.

Choose 6 or 7-axis, laser scanner options, and long arms – up to 9 m from our range

Why Choose Met Optix for your next Portable Measuring Arm?

Portable measuring arms or CMMs are 3D digitizing devices that allow the measurement of parts, components and assemblies on the job, in remote locations or in the QA lab. They are fast, accurate and repeatable and when coupled with metrology software can produce full metrology reports just like a fixed CMM.

With absolute encoders on most portable arms these days, there is no need to initialize encoders on each of the joints on the arm before starting the measurement process.


3D measuring arms have become a must-have measurement tool in industries such as mining, aerospace, manufacturing and also general industry.

We currently offer the most extensive range of portable arm CMMs in Australasia, with products from four manufacturers – Hexagon Metrology, Kreon Technologies, RPS Metrology and now PMT Technologies. With these four manufacturers, we can offer both 6 and 7-axis arms from 1.2 m to a huge 9.0 m in measuring volume, all with laser scanning capabilities.


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Portable Measuring Arm  Range

6-Axis Arms


Basic portable arm systems

Six-axis arms are entry-level portable arm systems and are available in measuring volumes from 1.2 m to 4.5 m. For laser scanning seven-axis arms are necessary.


Australia's largest range

We can supply portable six-axis arms from PMT Technologies, RPS Metrology, Kreon Technologies and Hexagon Metrology.


7-Axis Arms


When you need to scan

Seven-axis Arms range from 2.0 m to 4.5 m in measuring volume and have the characteristic seventh-axis grip handle for extra maneuverability with the laser scanner.


Scanning software

Scanning software such as Verisurf is required when considering a seven-axis portable measuring arm with a laser line scanner.



Ideal machine-shop measuring arm

The Master3DGage is an ideal entry point for 3D measurement in the machine shop or on the actual machine tool. With its 1.2 metre measuring volume and an accuracy 


What Options Are Available?

The Master3DGage is unique as an optional laser scanner can be added, allowing the arm to operate as a 3D scanner.


Laser Scanners


Extensive range

Our wide range of laser line scanners from Kreon, RPS, Hexagon and PMT Technology offers plenty of choice for any scanning application.


Multiple choices

Laser line scanners for portable measuring arms are available as red or the more accurate blue types, with various line lengths and choices in terms of data collections speeds and costs.

Long Arms


Great Options from RPS Metrology

RPS Metrology has a full range of six and seven-axis long measuring arms, in measuring volumes of 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 and 9.0 metres, which are called the EVO-R Titanium range.


Special Application Arms


Tube Measurement

RPS Metrology offers a tube measurement solution using a portable arm and a range of removable laser scanning fork. Special software from RPS or other suppliers such as TeZetCAD offer the choice of inspection to 3D CAD models or reverse engineering where the data output can be sent direct to most brands of tube bending machines.

Why Portable Arm CMMs?

Portable arm CMMs measure features in 3D space and are generally the next step up from using height gauges which are 2D measuring devices at best. They are accurate and repeatable and very convenient to use.

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What else do we need when buying a Portable Arm

Now that you have decided on a portable arm CMM, what else do you need to complete the package? 


We recommend and support software packages from Verisurf software for portable arms. It’s easy to learn and use and the backup and support services from Verisurf in the USA are first-rate.

Mounting systems

From simple magnetic bases to folding portable tripods to rolling stands for ultimate stability and accuracy, we can supply a full range from Metrology Base and Metrology Works.

Extra probes

Most portable arms are supplied with 3 and 6-mm probes as standards. Extra probes with larger and smaller diameter tips and varying lengths are available for our portable arm range to add flexibility and convenience to a range of measuring tasks.

Laptop computers

Use a laptop computer with the latest generation processor, 16GB RAM or more and a separate 4GB minimum graphics card.


Software training is critical with portable arm CMMs in order to maximize the return on investment. We offer full training for the portable arms that we sell including enrollment to Verisurf University where a 3-month on-line self-paced learning course is available.

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