zCAT Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine

Introducing the zCAT, the world’s first truely portable CMM.

Need Higher Accuracy than a Portable Arm? Maybe the ZCAT portable CMM is the answer?

The latest technology from zCAT in the USA brings true portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) capabilities to the shop floor with all of the accuracy and repeatability that can only be achieved with coordinate measuring machines (CMM).

Weighing in at only 13kgs and easily transported the zCAT is an ideal way to measure your parts in the workshop and a real alternative to either bridge-style CMMs or portable arm CMM, with real advantages in terms of cost and repeatability.

About zCAT 

zCAT was invented by Homer Eaton, who invented the original portable arm CMM.
Key features include

  • Easy to program by hand
  • Uses standard Renishaw components
  • Easy to use software

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The zCAT portable coordinate measuring machine is a great measurement system, but you will probably have some questions. Here we try to answer some of the most common questions that we get answered.

What sort of parts is the zCAT most suitable to measure?

The zCAT is most suitable to measure small prismatic parts such as machined castings and turned parts.

Do We Need Fixturing?

Fixturing is a good idea for the zCAT, particularly the special fixture plate system from Inspection Arsenal that has been designed specifically for the portable CMM. The fixturing ensures the exact location of each part, every time they are placed on the zCAT for measurement.

What Software Should We Choose?

The choice of software for the zCAT depends on the types of tasks being contemplated. If just basic measurement activities are planned, then only the base software from Aberlink is required. If comparisons to CAD is being planned then the Aberlink 3D package is required and for CMM programming the Aberlink CAD. 

zCAT Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine Options


ControlCAT Software

ControlCAT software is supplied with every zCAT system, providing basic measurement functions.


zCAT MK4 3D software

From Aberlink in the UK the next step up in software from the base ControlCAT package, for measurement to CAD.


Verisurf Software

Verisurf AUTOMATE package is used to run the zCAT portable CMM and produce inspection plans and reports.

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