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Why TESA Height Gauges?

An extensive range of high quality height gauges is available from TESA Technology in Switzerland, including class-leading products such as TESA-Hite, Micro-Hite and the TESA-µHite ranges. These products are suitable and recommended for lab/shop floor, shop floor and lab applications respectively. 

Height gauge systems are equipped for basic 1D measurement functions or through advanced modes: 2D measurement, programming and angle measurement.

With cast-iron bases and columns the TESA range of height gauges are robust, accurate and highly repeatable measuring system


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TESA Height Gauge Range


Tesa-Hite Magna

TESA’s entry-level 1D height gauge in 400 and 700mm height ranges.


TESA standard 1D height gauge in 400 and 700mm height range with an optical reading system for higher accuracy.



TESA 2D height gauge system in 350, 600 and 900 mm height ranges. Both manual and motorized.


Tesa µ-HITE

The TESA µ-HITE measuring station is an all-in-one measuring system for labs with a 100 mm height range.

IG-13-probe accessory

Tesa Accessories

An extensive range of accessories for height gauges is available including probe systems for measuring perpendicularity with MICRO-HITE systems.

TESA experience

TESA have been manufacturing height gauges in their Renens facility in Switzerland for over 30 years. The latest generation of TESA height gauge range culminates all of the learned experience over this time.

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Buying a Height Gauge?

When deciding on a new height gauge for your operations a few considerations need to be made, such as 1D or 2D, size of height gauge and motorized or non-motorized.

Do I need 1D or 2D measurements?

In the TESA range, the Micro-Hite is a 2D system that enables uses to measure hole diameter, angles and other more complex features. The other height gauges are all 1D system and used to purely measure heights or distances.

What Size Height Gauge do we Need?

The TESA range starts at 350mm and then jumps through 400, 600, 700 and 900mm in height. Choose a height gauge height able to measure your largest parts in order to future-proof your investment.

Motorized or manual?

TESA Micro-Hite height gauges are available in both motorized and non-motorized versions for rapid movements of the probing fixture.

What Accessories Do We Need?

A full range of accessories are available for TESA height gauges including probes, probe holders and fixtures such as the IG-13 that enable the measurement of perpendicularity.

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