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For fast and automatic measurement within the field-of-view.

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Why Choose Starrett FOV Vision Measurement Systems?

Measuring within the field of view (FOV) is a new way to accurately measure parts with fast measurement speeds, and acuracies over traditional methods such as comparators and vision systems. Use these systems for simple automatic measurement of your parts!

Our FOV vision measurement systems are from Starrett in the US..



By measuring within the field of view (FOV) a major time saving can be achieved with all measurements being taken automatically and without moving the machine stage. The larger the FOV the larger the area of interest that can be measured.

Starrett systems can have large FOV measurement sizes up to 92 mm x 75 mm with the HDV100 Flip.



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FOV Vision Measurement Systems Range

Starrett FOV Vision Systems

Starrett FOV vision systems are essentially vision systems with a telecentric lens and a FOV option for the M3 software.


Starrett KineMic KMR Series

Starrett Kinemic KMR series systems are usually for visual inspection, but some of the models in the range also offer measurement capabilities.


Starrett FLIP Systems

The new Starrett Flip system can operate either horizontally or vertically and comes with special telecentric lenses for extra large field-of-view.

New from Starrett

Starrett FLIP systems are unique horizontal and vertical digital comparators with a fixed stage and large FOVs.


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What to Consider when Buying a FOV System

There are a number of factors to consider when considering buying a FOV system. Here we discuss a few of these decisions.

Do We Have Small Parts?

FOV systems are best used when small parts to be measured will fit into the FOV of the machine. in this way, all of the features to be measured can be automatically measured by the software.

Are Your Parts Suitable for FOV Measurement?

Our experience has ben that some parts are not suitable for FOV measurement. Parts such as thin sheet metal springs and clips with very thin cross-sections are problematic and therefore best avoided.

Flexibility Important?

It is important to understand that FOV systems are usually single purpose measuring machines, and therefore are not as flexible as normal vision systems for a range of applications.

Lens Options?

Field-of-view systems are usually supplied with one telecentric lens, but extra lenses are available, but can be expensive.

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