Coordinate Measuring Machines

Coordinate Measuring machines (CMMs) are the reference standard for any QA lab and form the foundation for accurate and repeatable 3D measurement.



CMMs are available in a range of types and configurations. What type of CMM Do You Need?

Met Optix sells and supports WENZEL CMMs in ANZ. 

WENZEL is a global leader in the coordinate measuring machine market and is still family-owned. WENZEL CMMs are manufactured in factories in both Germany and China are there are now over 20,000 WENZEL metrology installations around the world.



Wenzel offers a full range of CMMs from bridge to gantry and horizontal arm types, as well as special shop floor and gear-measuring CMMs. There is a WENZEL CMM for virtually any application, in a range of accuracies and with a complete portfolio of sensors including analog and laser scanners.


Years Established

Completed Projects


Bridge CMM


XOrbit and LH Series CMMs

WENZEL’s range of bridge CMMs includes the XO and LH models in a range of sizes from the small XO55 to the very large LH3020.


Accuracy Grades

The Wenzel XO and LH models are available in three accuracy grades – Standard, Premium and Premium Select.


Gantry CMM


LH Series

The WENZEL LH Series Gantry CMMs have been specially designed to inspect large-volume and heavy workpieces. The raised guides in the Y-axis also ensure maximum stability and rigidity, even with dynamic movements.

Horizontal Arm CMMs


Wide range of options available

Wenzel offers a comprehensive range of Horizontal Arm Coordinate Measuring Machines in many configurations and accuracy levels. Options include single and dual-arm and sub-floor table systems.

Shop Floor CMMs


SF Range

WENZEL’s shop floor SF range of CMMs features a cantilever design that has a compact footprint to maximize floor space utilization in the factory and is ideal for robot loading applications.

Gear Checking CMMs


Special purpose CMMs

The WENZEL LH Series CMMs have been specially designed to inspect large-volume and heavy workpieces. The raised guides in the Y-axis also ensure maximum
stability and rigidity, even with dynamic movements.


Large CMMs


The LHF range

As well as the LH range, WENZEL produces the LHF range for extra large CMM measurements, for products such as complete vehicles and large machined castings.

Wenzel has built CMMs for over 40 years

Wenzel is a family-owned company founded in 1968 to manufacture world-class measuring systems. WENZEL now has an installed base of over 12,000 machines in 50 countries.

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Considering a Buying a New CMM?

There are some important considerations to make when buying a new CMM in order to maximize the return on your investment.

Select the Right Size CMM

Choose a CMM size bigger than the largest part you expect to measure, allowing for future expansions or new business. Also, allow space for the indexing head to index at ninety degrees to accommodate probing on the side of the part.

Choose the Right Software

It is crucial to have the latest version of any CMM software installed to maximize the productivity of your CMM.

Don't forget Peripherals

It is critical to select the right indexing head and probing system for your CMM. Inappropriate components may limit your ability to upgrade in the future.

Invest in Training

It is vital to reinforce the skills and enhance the competencies of CMM operators to achieve maximum productivity out of any CMM.

Practice, Practice, and more Practice

It is essential that after the training has been completed, CMM operators then spend time on the machine to further develop skills and understanding.

If the machine is utilized after the initial training, then it’s not long before the benefits of the training are lost and need to be refreshed once more.

Customer Testimonials

“Met Optix did an excellent job managing the CMM installation. It was delivered on time and without issues. Their after-sales support has been second to none.”

Greg Stephens - Toolcraft

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