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Why Choose Met Optix  for your CMM fixtures, probes and accessories?

Met Optix offers a full range of accessories for CMMs, including fixtures, indexing heads, touch-trigger probing systems and replacement styli.

We supply CMM fixtures and accessories, including the industry-leading Loc-N-Load™ system from Inspection Arsenal™ by Phillips Precision.





A full range of Renishaw manual and motorised indexing heads, touch-trigger probing systems, racks and styli are also available.


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CMM Fixtures, Probes and Accessories Range


CMM Fixtures

CMM fixtures such as the Loc-N-Load™ system from Inspection Arsenal™ provide fixturing systems for CMMs, vision systems and portable arms. 


CMM Indexing Heads and Probes

A full range of Renishaw manual and motorized indexing heads, touch-trigger probes, change racks and styli kits are available for all CMMs supplied.

PH20 – use your head!

The PH20 system’s unique “head touch” method allows measurement points to be captured by moving the measurement head rather than the CMM structure. Points are captured faster and with greater precision and improved repeatability. 

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What to Consider when Buying CMM Fixtures and Probes

There are a number of issues to consider when deciding on fixtures and probing systems for your CMM. Here are a few ideas.

Do we need fixtures?

The answer is probably yes if you intend to run parts regularly through the CMM station. Good fixturing will give you accurate and repeatable results, and help speed up the overall measurement process. 

What Indexing Head Should We choose?

Most customers start with PH10M+ systems, but SP25 is also becoming quite common. The new 5-axis PH20 is a great choice with the ultimate being the Renishaw REVO head.

Do We Need Custom Fixtures or Will the Lok-N-Load System work for us?

The Lok-N-Load system will work for most parts and is an extremely flexible system to implement. It’s only when you have a small number of highly specialized parts that the cost of developing custom fixtures can be justified.

What Touch-Trigger Probe System Should We USe?

Most customers opt for the very popular and extremely useable TP20 system to start with, but if more accuracy is required then the TP200 system should be specified.

What Else Do We Need To Consider?

Other items that you need to consider include styli kits, special styli, change probe racks and calibration balls.

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