3D Laser Scanners

Ideal for reverse engineering and preparing models for 3D printing.

About 3D Laser Scanners

Our 3D laser scanner range consists of a number of models of laser scanners from three different manufacturers that can be attached to a portable arm CMM for inspection or reverse engineering applications.

Benefits of 3D laser scanners include

  • Easy to remove and attach
  • Probe can be attached to scanner for a single device interface
  • One software package for both scanning and probing

3D laser scanning is the process of collecting 3D data, usually with a laser line scanner. A line of laser light passes over the surface being scanned, and the shape of the surface distorts the laser beam, and with the aid of a camera, and triangulation, the distortion becomes 3D point data. As the scanner is moved across the surface, more lines of scan data are collected, and a resulting 3D point cloud is produced.

Software selection is important factor when using laser scanners so that the end result of either a solid 3D CAD model or a 3D inspection report can be easily achieved.

3D Laser Scanner Range


Scanners from Kreon

The Kreon scanner range includes the Solano and Skyline series of red and blue laser line scanners.


RPS Metrology scanners

RPS Metrology’s EVO-XR laser scanner is a high-performance 3D scanning system for use with EVO 7-axis portable arms.

Master3DGage scanner

A purpose-designed laser scanner for the six-axis Master3DGage by Hexagon Metrology.

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