Our Current Product Range

Products are grouped according to the types of metrology technology that are employed.


CMM Products

A portfolio of CMM-related products including CMMs, CMM software, CMM fixtures and accessories, zCAT and CMM Master.


Optical & Vision Systems

Explore optical comparators, vision measurement and field-of-view systems, sheet metal inspection products and digital microscopes.

Portable Measuring Arms

Discover Australia’s largest range of portable measuring arms from RPS Metrology, PMT and Kreon, Verisurf software and a full range of accessories.


3D Scanners

See technologies such as structured light scanners from entry-level to metrology-quality systems. Also the PEEL 3D hand-held scanner range.


Other Products

The Other Products category includes roundness, levelness, alignment, torque measurement, and interferometry products.


Surface Inspection Systems

Surface inspection tools and surface defect inspection systems such as 8tree dentCHECK and 4D Technology 4D InSpec systems.

Large Scale & Volume Measurement

This category includes laser trackers from API and now the range of opto-electrical portable measurement systems from Metronor.


Hand Tools and Height Gauges

We offer an extensive range of hand-measuring tools and height gauges from TESA and Microrep gauge calibration systems.

Form and Roughness Measurement

Surface roughness, profilometers from Taylor Hobson and Alicona non-contact focus variation technology.


Manufacturing Technology

The Manufacturing Technology category includes laser projection systems, quality management software (QMS), FISSO articulated arms and Check-Box.

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