PMT Technology portable measuring arms

PMT Technology offer a range of German-designed portable arms in both six and seven axis models.

German-designed technology

The PMT portable arm range from China represents the culmination of five years of design and development in Germany from a team of industrial designers to develop a world-class portable measuring arm range, the ALPHA range. The PMT portable arm range consists of six and seven-axis models with measuring volumes extending from 1.5 to 4.5 metres.

Three Different Accuracy Grades

The PMT ALPHA portable arm range is available in three accuracy grades, P, M and E. The E version is a special product aimed at the educational market to help students understand portable dimensional metrology.

A Range of Software Options

The PMT Arm range is available with a range of software options including Metrolog X4 for fast and easy inspection and reporting and for all scanning and reverse engineering tasks. PMT Technology’s own developed software CAM 3 is also available for basic metrology tasks at a very affordable cost.

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