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Interferometry systems from 4D Technology.


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Why Choose a System from 4D Technology?

4D Technology has been in the business of manufacturing high-quality optical measuring systems for over 20 years with their extensive interferometry products range including Accufiz, PhaseCam and NanoCam products. Now part of the US$1 billion Onto Group, 4D Technology has the products the resources and the experience to help with any new measurement task for optical lenses and mirrors using interferometry technology.



4D Technology has been at the forefront of measurement technology with a pivotal role in the measurement of the mirrors for the James Webb space telescope as well as Hubble previous to this and many other terrestrial and space-based systems.


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Optical Metrology Products Range


Accufiz Fizeau Interferometers

The Accufiz range of Fizeau interferometers from 4D Technology features temporal and dynamic capabilities with patented technology.


Twyman-Green Interferometers

4D Technology’s patented dynamic interferometers measure surfaces with extreme accuracy, despite vibration and environmental noise.


Optical Surface Profiler Systems

The optical surface profiler range such as the NanoCam from 4D Technology can measure surface roughness and form on almost any substrate.

Optical Metrology Products 

Optical metrology systems measure optical flats, spheres, curved optics and mirrors.

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Applications for Optical Metrology Products

There is a wide and growing range of applications where 4D Technology optical products are used in industry. Here we list a few examples

Optical components

Customers use Accufiz and Phasecam products to measure optical flats, concave and convex lenses and mirrors and large curvature optics despite vibration and poor environmental conditions. 

Telescope and Optical Assemblies

Products such as PhaseCam help manufacturers and researchers accurately align and measure complete optical assemblies quickly and easily.

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