Metronor from Norway offers an impressive selection of Arm-alternative measurement devices. 

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Where are METRONOR systems used in Industry?

Why Choose METRONOR for your measurement application?

Metronor is a leading metrology product and technology manufacturer based in Nesbru, Norway. Met Optix is now the sales and support partner for Metronor Industrial Products in Australia and New Zealand.

Metronor has three operating groups – defence, medical, and industrial, and it is the industrial products from Metonor that we proudly sell and suport in ANZ.


The Metronor range now includes four product families:

  • Arm volume probing systems that compete with portable arms,
  • Large volume probing systems, including SOLO and DUO camera systems,
  • M-Scan scanning systems, and
  • MultiCam multi-camera measuring systems.


Years Established

Completed Projects

Arm Volume Probing Solutions



The Metronor TWO system is a real alternative to portable Arm CMMs.

Large Volume Probing Solutions



The Metronor SOLO sysytem consists of a single camera system and LED light pen.



The DUO system consists of two cameras and a light pen for increased measurment volume.



SOLO Twin system uses two cameras on one tripod in order to increase accuracy.

Scanning, MultiCam and Special Solutions



M-Scan is a laser scanner encased in a carbon fibre cage that has active LED targets. 



METRONOR’s MULTICAM solution involves four or more cameras synched together.


Metronor Piping Solution

The Piping Solution involves either SOLO or DUO systems with TeZetCAD software.

METRONOR release new products

At the CONTROL Show in 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany, Metronor released two new products – the M-Scan 120 and Multicam.

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Key Decisions for  Portable Measurement

There are some important considerations to make when buying a new portable measuring device in order to maximize the return on your investment.

Are you measuring large volume parts?

If you intend to measure large parts such as castings, jigs, fixtures, or assemblies there is a wide choice of suitable measuring products available to choose from, including laser trackers, portable arms, and Metronor probing systems.

Metronor products are ideal for measuring large parts, very cost-effective, and for applications where line-of-sight issues may occur.

Choose the Right Software

It is crucial to have the right software for the measurement system in order to maximize the productivity.

Metronor has chosen the well-proven Metrolog X4 software platform for their probing and scanning solutions.

Don't forget Peripherals

Don’t forget to include any peripherals such as special probes or punch probes when specifying your system.  Calibration artifacts may also be a valuable investment as well.

Invest in Training

It is vital to reinforce the skills and enhance the competencies of operators to achieve maximum productivity out of any portable measurement device.

Practice, Practice, and more Practice

It is essential that after the training has been completed, metrology equipment operators then spend time with the system to further develop skills and understanding.

If the measuring equipment is under-utilized after the initial training, then it’s not long before the benefits of the training are lost and need to be refreshed once more.

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