See how critical measurements are taken in cutting tool, die and tap applications.

Requirements in the Tooling Sector

Metrology products are used widely in the tooling sector both for production quality control as well as for R&D applications. The metrology equipment most commonly used in the tooling sector

  • Alicona InfiniteFocus G6 systems
  • Taylor Hobson surface roughnesss equipment

In the tooling sector, the key requirements are for fast, efficient and easily performed measurement of cutting edges and tool geometries.

Tooling manufacturers and manufacturers of cutting tool equipment and end users of sophisticated cutting products want a simple and easy way in which the right cutting tool, appropriately sharpened is ready for the particular cutting application that is was intended.

These requirements help to ensure that manufacturers remain globally competitive and highly responsive to customers needs and on-going quality and conformance commitments.

Other Sectors

Sheet Metal

The Planar system from InspecVision is the fastest way to inspect 2D sheet metal parts, gaskets and o-rings.



The Leica 3D Disto is helping renovators, kitchen installers and other building contractors with 3D measurement tasks.



Defence contractors use Metronor systems for accurate jig and fixture measurement.

Typical Applications

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Quality assurance of cutting tool edges and sharpness of cutting tools

A number of cutting tool manufacturers in Australia are using products such as the Alicona EdgeMaster, SL and G5 systems for measurement and analysis of cutting tool edges in their daily production.

This equipment allows manufacturers to get the optimum performance from their specialist cutting tools – whether they be special drills for composite materials or very small size taps for the overseas electronics industry, the Alicona system helps to create a competitive advantage for manufacturers in this particular sector.

Research and development projects

Universities as well as a number of tooling manufacturers are using measurement systems such as the Alicona InfiniteFocus technology to help in their R&D activities to drive new product development and to help improve customer experiences for their products. Such applications are an innovative way in which to apply the technology and derive meaningful results to help improve processes and solve complex manufacturing challenges.

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