Education and Research

Researchers rely on the latest developments in metrology technology in order to fast-track innovation and successful outcomes.

Requirements in the Education and Research Sectors

The education and research sector is a prolific user of the latest technologies, including metrology equipment, in order to sustain innovation and research breakthroughs in new fields of knowledge.
Key metrology products used in this sector include

  • Alicona InfiniteFocus focus variation systems
  • Interferometer systems from 4D technologies
  • LUPHOScan systems from Taylor Hobson

In the education and research and development sectors there is a need to employ the latest technologies in order for students to learn on the latest equipment in order to keep pace with industry and for the research community to have access to the latest developments so that their research can be high calibre and able to break through new barriers. Fortunately most of the equipment supplied and supported by Met Optix is the very latest in technology that is available anywhere in the world as we pride ourselves on keeping up with the very latest trends and industy developments. This helps our customers in these sectors to be confident that when they are looking at a new project the equipment from Met Optix will be amongst the very latest in terms of technology available anywhere in the world

Other Sectors


In the shipbuilding sector both long-range measurement systems such as laser trackers from API as well as fit-out systems such as portable measuring arms, and 3D laser distance measurement systems and widely used.


Applications include flush and gap measurement of panels, 3D measurement of components and assemblies, residual torque in bolting plus many more.


Aerospace OEMs and MROs use dentCHECK systems for measuring aircraft panel surface damage and 4D InSpec systems for surface defects.

Typical Applications

Applications for metrology products in the education and research sector vary from the very basic and simple 3D scanning systems right up to the state-of-the-art 3D non-contact scanning systems such as the LUPHOScan.

3D Scanning

Many educational institutions such as Universities and now even Secondary Schools and Colleges are providing access to students to the latest in 3D technologies, such as scanning and 3D printing in order to introduce concepts such as additive manufacturing and digital data capture.

Products such as the Scan-In-A-Box system from Italy provide students and educators with a low entry-cost introduction to 3D digital scanning for either 3D modelling or subsequent 3D printing projects. This type of technology is easy to use, fast to learn, and at the same time, gives high-quality digital scan data output for use in student projects and, in some cases, for industry collaboration.

Measurement technologies

Many educational institutions, such as leading Universities, are equipping their engineering facilities with the latest technologies to expose students to the latest developments in metrology and measurement technologies with products such as CMMs, laser and white light scanners and 3D data capture systems such as the Alicona InfiniteFocus system.

Once studied and applied, these technologies will help under-graduates develop a deep understanding of the latest developments in metrology technology so that when they enter the industry after graduation, they will be immediately able to add value to their chosen employer.

Education and Research

In the development, education and research fields high technology products such as interferometers and non-contact surface scanning systems are finding use in a wide range of applications. Applications such as space research, telescopes, and satellite systems now rely on these technologies initially for research and ultimately as an aid to manufacturing.

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