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Requirements in the Building Sector

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In the building sector metrology products need to be easy to use, robust and fast operating and with products such as the Leica 3D Disto its easy for engineers, contractors and technicians to produce fast 3D drawings ready for analysis.

Other Sectors



Defence contractors use Metronor systems for accurate jig and fixture measurement.

Education & Research

The research community needs ground-breaking technology to help with their research projects.



Alignment telescopes are used for accurate shaft alignment as well as periscope alignment in ship building.

Typical Applications

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Kitchen Fit-Outs and Renovations

Products such as the 3D Disto from Leica are helping kitchen builders and installers to quickly and accurately measure-up and mark-out new kitchen projects for customers – saving time and money in a competitive environment.

The quick set-up of the 3D Disto, its ease of use and the simple CAD interface to both 2D and 3D CAD outputs allow builders to accurately measure complex wall shapes and curvatures for a perfect fit every time for their projects.

Staircases and Balastrading

Staircases can be difficult items to fit and to mark out, but with new measurement tools such as the Disto and the 3D Disto builders can now confidently take on even the most complex of challenges and achieve a perfect result, every time for the client.

With the ability to laser mark on the wall or building structure with the 3D Disto, it becomes an easy task to mark out complex 3D positions for staircase treads and risers in order to save time and money for the installer or the architect/specifier.

Door frames

Door frames can be complex items to measure in the field, but with new measurement tools such as the 3D Disto, the accurate measurement and specification of door openings helps builders to ensure that the door frame once fabricated and shipped to the site, needs minimal adjustment or rework.

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