The automotive sector is usually the first adopter of new technology, and in the realm of metrology systems the automotive sector is a clear leader.

Requirements in the Automotive sector

In the automotive OEM sector, ensuring compliance with specifications to enhance product quality and customer satisfaction is critical.

Key issues include

  • Compliance to specification
  • Report non-conformance
  • Corrective actions taken

In the automotive industry, critical assessment of body panel flush and gap and fitment is critical and products such as Laser Gauge help engineers and process technicians with this process.

There are many other applications in the automotive, truck and bus sectors where metrology products play an important role, products such as CMMs, and portable measuring arms are in common use as are audit torque measuring tools such as LightStar torque wrenches.

The automotive components sector which supports the automotive OEMs are also highly dependent on quality metrology systems and technology, with 3D measurement and reporting a key capability for any serious component manufacturer.

Other Sectors



3D scanning systems are used to digitise worn components. The measurement of surface roughness is also important.



Rail applications include surface roughness measurement of machined wagon wheels. 



Medical device manufacturers use vision systems and CMMs to measure small and intricate components.

Typical Applications

Assessment of body panels for fit and conformance to 3D CAD models are key quality drivers for the automotive OEM sector.

Flush & Gap measurement

The measurement of flushness and fit between panels is also very important in the auto industry and products such as LaserGauge help manufacturers ensure that the fit between panels meets or exceeds the specified requirements

Audit Torque

In the automotive OEM business Audit Torque is important to ensure the tightness of threaded fasteners in critical safety and performance applications. Products such as Datamyte’s LightStar torque wrenches are used extensively in the automotive market to help manufacturers ensure tightened joints’ quality.

Dimensional conformance on engine components

Automotive engine manufacturers and reconditioners are strong advocates of coordinate measuring machines, CMMs, and portable arm measuring systems to measure automotive components in 3D and to scan and modify engine inlet ports.

Surface Roughness and Roundness

In the automotive sector the surface roughness of critical mating parts is important to measure as is the roundness of journals and bearings in components such as crankshats and camshafts. 

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