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Why choose LAP Laser for your laser projection system?

LAP laser projection systems are our partner for laser projection and laser line systems and are a leading German producer of high-quality laser projection systems, laser measurement, and gauging systems for industry.

After being established in 1984 and now with thousands of systems around the world LAP Laser products are distributed through Met Optix in Australia and New Zealand.


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LAP Laser Product Range


LAP Laser CAD-PRO laser projection system

CAD-PRO laser projection systems offer exceptional performance and reliability for a wide range of applications.


PRO-Soft Laser Projection Software

PRO-SOFT is the user-friendly operating environment for your laser projection system.


LAP Laser line systems

LAP manufacture a wide range of class-leading laser line systems for a wide range of industrial applications.

Improving Quality and Productivity.

Higher quality in a composite layup – How laser projection helps avoid rejects

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Laser Projection System FAQs

Laser projection systems are devices that send out a beam of laser light that projects onto a surface an exact projected image from a 2D or 3D CAD file of information.

The projected image on the ground or on a wall then allows for the accurate positioning and orientation of components, sub-assemblies, or fixtures in order to save assembly time and to ensure complete assembly accuracy time after time.

Different types of laser projectors and software choices?

Laser projection systems are available in different laser powers, ranging from 3mW to 15mW – depending on the application and intended use.

The choice of laser projection software depends on whether 2D or 3D projection is required. Most applications are only 2D, but aerospace applications such as tooling layups tend to require 3D software versions.

What can a laser projection system do for our business?

Projection systems help manufacturers to improve efficiency and accuracy in their assembly operations, leading to higher productivity and improved product quality.

Whether it’s in the aerospace sector with carbon-fibre lay-ups, the timber roof, and wall truss sector, the tilt-wall concrete industry, or in general industry assembly operations, there is a laser projection system that adds value to almost any industrial assembly operation.

Typical applications for laser projection systems?

Composite lay-ups, interior assembly

Pre-fabricated house production

Circulating pallets, rotary tables, and reinforcing mesh benches

Worker Guidance:
Assembly, order picking, and quality assurance tasks.

Are laser projection systems expensive?

Laser projection systems range in cost from $35,000 for a single laser projection head system fully installed. For multiple head systems, where the projection area coverage is more extensive, prices increase. Still, in many cases, the multiple heads can use the same control box, software and computer, thus saving overall system costs.

How will our productivity improve?

Using laser projection systems can improve productivity through the:

  • Reduction or elimination errors in positioning components in assemblies
  • Faster assembly operations
  • potential reduction of labour costs
  • Improved product quality

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