Introducing the new Alicona FocusX

A powerful new addition to the Alicona InfiniteFocus metrology range

Alicona, part of the Bruker group releases a brand new product to their world-class range of focus variation systems, the FocusX, with a small form factor and 100×100 mm X-Y stage and 100 mm Z-height adjustment.

Alicona FocusX is a new intermediate size focus variation system that uses the same technology as the larger CMM and G6 systems, but with a smaller footprint and a lower entry cost.

Dominik Urlep, Sales Manager APAC

Key Features of Alicona FocusX

Some of the key new features of the FocusX include:

  • XYZ Travel Range of 100 mm.
  • The new optics unit is built-in and can measure extremely shiny surfaces.
  • The new Metrology platform MetMax gives substantial capabilities in terms of automation.
  • An objective revolver with different objectives is now an option on a smaller footprint.
  • Fast and accurate measurements.

Why You Should Consider Alicona FocusX

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