Force Measurement Systems

Use force measurement systems for tensile, stretch, shear and pull tests.

About Starrett Force Measurement Systems

Starret manufactures a full range of force measurement systems at their Athol, MA facility in the USA. These systems are easy to use and highly accurate with the intuitive L2 controller and software supplied with all systems.
The key features include.

  • Intuitive software and Windows tablet interface
  • Easy set-up and operation
  • Advanced testing modules available
  • Full range of load cells, and fixtures are available.

The FMS Series are single column, table-top testing systems that operate with our L2 Force Measure software; S2 Spring Test software; and L2 Plus Force Analysis software. L2 and S2 systems operate using a tablet computer and are ideal for high-volume, repetitive testing applications.

L2 Plus systems operate using an all-in-one computer. The FMS test frames are available in four load capacities:
500N, 1kN, 2.5kN and 5kN. They can be used for tensile, compressive, cyclic, flexural, shear, creep and other common force measurement methods.

FMS testers feature a granite base with all-metal columns and pre-loaded ball screws making them inherently stiff. Deflection compensation is included in our software so that extension control and measurements are precise, accurate and repeatable. Magnetic travel limits are adjustable to prevent over-travel situations.

Communication between the test frame and user interfaces is USB. Frames feature optional digital I/O. Data sampling is selectable between 5-1000Hz. FMS test frames may use MLC or FLC load cell sensors. Sensors are IEEE 1451.4 compliant. Frames may be fitted with an optional splinter shield.


Starrett Force Measurement Systems

Starrett FMS

Starrett force measurement systems range from 500N to 5KN ranges, in both single and dual column configurations.


FMS Accessories

A full range of force measurement systems accessories is available for the Starrett FMS systems.

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