CMM Master

An upgrade to the Renishaw EQUATOR, giving the system full CMM capabilities.

Need a CMM but Don’t have the Funds. Perhaps the CMM Master is the Answer?

Verisurf Software offers a Renishaw EQUATOR system that has been error mapped using Verisurf’s Cubic Volumetric Mapping (CVM) package, which gives full CMM capabilities to the Equator system.

When coupled with the Verisurf AUTOMATE package the CMM Master can be programmed and operated as a fixed CMM with 12 microns accuracy.

Alternatively, if you already own a Renishaw EQUATOR system, we can arrange for an upgrade from Verisurf that will give full CMM capabilities to your system.

About CMM Master

The CMM Master from Verisurf is a Renishaw Equator system remapped for accuracy and supplied with Verisurf AUTOMATE CMM software.

  • Easy to use and operate
  • Highly accurate
  • Achieve full CMM capabilities

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Available in two sizes the 300 Series and the 500 Series, both supplied with Renishaw SP25 scanning probe.



Renishaw Equator owners can benefit from Verisurf’s Cubic Volumetric Mapping (CVM) package – an upgrade to full CMM capability.

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