Latest Metrology Trends from Control 2024

Latest Metrology Trends from Control 2024

The latest metrology trends were on display at CONTROL 2024, the international trade fair for metrology in Stuttgart Germany, this year. Whilst smaller in size than previous years showcases the latest developments and trends in the world of metrology, quality control, and testing.

This year’s Control Show was far smaller than usual with only two halls at the Stuttgart Messe instead of the normal six or eight halls as a result of some of the largest companies in the metrology sector, such as Hexagon, Zeiss and others deciding not to exhibit this year, and preferring to show every two years.

Whilst CONTROL was a smaller trade show than usual, the exhibitors we spoke to said that the attendance was still excellent and the opportunity to spend more time discussing application challenges with visitors was appreciated.

We saw trends such as the widespread uptake of AI in metrology and quality control applications as well as the use of augmented 3D reality in microscopy

We also saw the latest products and new releases from our equipment suppliers partners such as Taylor Hobson, PMT Technologies and Bruker-Alicona.

Taylor Hobson

On display at the Taylor Hobson booth was the innovative Talyrond TR150 roundness measuring system with the App interface running on a large portrait Tablet as well as the very impressive form Talysurf PGI Novus tactile surface roughness and contour measuring system which is the mainstay instrument of choice in the optics market.

Also featured on the Taylor Hobson, Ametek stand was the Talyrond TR 585 PRO HS roundness measuring system powered by Metrology 4.0 software as developed by Taylor Hobson, which will become the software platform for all of their instruments in the future.


As part of the latest metrology trends, at the Alicona stand we had the chance to see the new Alicona InfiniteFocus Focus X system first-hand. This new and very impressive 3D non-contact metrology system has all of the features and benefits of the larger InfiniteFocus G6 system in terms of speed, functionality and capabilities, but is presented in a smaller footprint and at a very attractive price point. This product should be a winner for the ANZ market.

PMT Technologies

We also met some new contacts at PMT Technologies at CONTROL on their very impressive Stand. Presented for the first time was the new generation laser scanner for PMT’s seven-axis arm range as well as PMT’s new bridge CMM. The PMT Alpha Arm looks great, with excellent finish and smooth movement and will be a great product for the ANZ market through Met Optix, with a complete range of accessories available such as probes. bases and leap-frog spheres and cones, everything that is needed for portable arm measurement is available from PMT.

Software for PMT portable measuring arms will be PMT’s own CAM 3 software as well as Metrologic’s Metrolog X4 for probing and when scanning is anticipated on seven-axis arms.


As well as getting an update from all of our equipment partners at CONTROL, the exhibition provided a great opportunity to see what was new and to get a first-hand glimpse into the latest trends in metrology. We saw several suppliers offering augmented 3D reality inspection systems for inspecting assemblies not only dimensionally but also for missing components or features, such as incomplete welds, or brackets in the wrong position when compared to the 3D CAD model all conveniently displayed on reality available devices such as iPADS etc. Another interesting development was the ability to visualize 3D effects on almost any monitor or even on microscopes without the need to use 3D glasses. Very impressive!

PMT Technology portable measuring arms

PMT Technology portable measuring arms

German-designed technology

The PMT portable arm range from China represents the culmination of five years of design and development in Germany from a team of industrial designers to develop a world-class portable measuring arm range, the ALPHA range. The PMT portable arm range consists of six and seven-axis models with measuring volumes extending from 1.5 to 4.5 metres.

Three Different Accuracy Grades

The PMT ALPHA portable arm range is available in three accuracy grades, P, M and E. The E version is a special product aimed at the educational market to help students understand portable dimensional metrology.

A Range of Software Options

The PMT Arm range is available with a range of software options including Metrolog X4 for fast and easy inspection and reporting and for all scanning and reverse engineering tasks. PMT Technology’s own developed software CAM 3 is also available for basic metrology tasks at a very affordable cost.

Introducing the new Alicona FocusX

Introducing the new Alicona FocusX

Alicona, part of the Bruker group releases a brand new product to their world-class range of focus variation systems, the FocusX, with a small form factor and 100×100 mm X-Y stage and 100 mm Z-height adjustment.

Alicona FocusX is a new intermediate size focus variation system that uses the same technology as the larger CMM and G6 systems, but with a smaller footprint and a lower entry cost.

Dominik Urlep, Sales Manager APAC

Key Features of Alicona FocusX

Some of the key new features of the FocusX include:

  • XYZ Travel Range of 100 mm.
  • The new optics unit is built-in and can measure extremely shiny surfaces.
  • The new Metrology platform MetMax gives substantial capabilities in terms of automation.
  • An objective revolver with different objectives is now an option on a smaller footprint.
  • Fast and accurate measurements.

Why You Should Consider Alicona FocusX

First Alicona InfiniteFocus G6 system in Australia

First Alicona InfiniteFocus G6 system in Australia

Major Victorian University purchases Bruker Alicona InfiniteFocus G6 system

Bruker Alicona InfiniteFocus G6 system, the first in Australia, has been purchased by a major Victorian university for their new material sciences laboratory adding to the existing Alicona capacity of earlier generation Alicona G4 and G5 systems.

The Bruker Alicona InfiniteFocus G6 system was first introduced to the market at the 2022 Control Show in Germany, and since then over 100 systems have been sold worldwide. The InfiniteFocs G6 system represents a step change in technology over the previous G5 model that it replaces in speed of measurement, increased z-height operation, and the introduction of the new MetMax metrology software from Alicona.

Alicona InfiniteFocus G6 System in 3-Axis Configuration

MetMax is a new approach to measurement software from Alicona. As well as providing full GD&T capabilities, the software can now create measurement plans for automatic measurement routines that can be saved and recalled for future repetitive measurement tasks.

InfiniteFocusG6 is an accurate, fast, and universal optical 3D measuring instrument for tolerances in the micron and sub-micron measurement range. Components are measured area-based and with high resolution independent of size, material, geometry, weight, and surface finish. Several proven and new features combine the functionalities of a roughness measuring system (Ra, Rq, Rz/Sa, Sq, Sz) with the characteristics of a coordinate measuring machine.

The Brand New InfiniteFocusG6

  • Unrivalled measurement performance
  • Groundbreaking user experience
  • Future-proof technology
  • Smart Design

The InfiniteFocus G6 System features several proven and yet new features that combine the functionalities of a roughness measuring system with the characteristics of a coordinate measuring machine. These include

  • 5-axis metrology
  • SmartFlash and Real3D

The integrated SmartFlash technology ensures high-resolution measurement of smooth, reflective, and highly polished surfaces. Real3D turns individual measurements into a complete 360° data set.

MetMax Software

Users specify measurements already in the CAD model of a component. A Digital Twin combined with a virtual measurement simulation enables the safe operation of the measuring instrument.

Vertical Focus Probing

The latest technology enables the optical, lateral probing of components. Users measure holes and vertical flanks (>90°).

LUPHOScan Webinar

LUPHOScan Webinar

Met Optix is planning a LUPHOScan webinar in July 2023

The LUPHOScan 850 HD is designed to perform ultra-precision non-contact 3D surface form measurement of rotationally symmetric surfaces (optics) such as aspheric lenses, spheres, flats and slight freeform. Key benefits of the profiler/equipment include fast measurement speeds and high flexibility about uncommon surface shapes (e.g. flat apexes or profiles with points of inflection).

LUPHOScan is the world’s most versatile, non-contact 3D form measurement platform for advanced large-diameter optical surfaces.