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From Taylor Hobson, TESA and Pinpoint Laser.


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We offer the full range of alignment and levelness measurement products from world leader Taylor Hobson. Products include Autocollimators, Micro-Alignment Telescopes, and Laser Alignment systems.



We have now added the class-leading laser alignment systems from Pinpoint Laser in the USA to our product range.

Electronic levels and clinometers from both TESA and Taylor Hobson are available.


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Range of Alignment Systems and Levelness Measurement Products



The latest CCD technology in the new Ultra Dual Axis Autocollimator makes for a highly versatile instrument offering high accuracy and stability over a range of applications.


Micro Alignment Telescopes

The micro-alignment telescope allows the user to set reference lines of sight for applications such as the alignment and measurement of bearings and bores.


Laser Alignment Systems

Laser measuring equipment for precise measuring of straightness, flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity and alignment.


Levelness Measurement

The range includes Taylor Hobson Talyvel 6 electronic level and digital inclinometer and TESA Clinobevel 1&2.

Autocollimator Applications

How the Taylor Hobson ULTRA Autocollimator measures the straightness of machine tools – easily and accurately.


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FAQ’s when buying an alignment system

Alignment systems are handy instruments for alignment tasks such as straightness, and parallelism of machine tool guides and rails. 

What are the most common uses for an autocollimator?

Autocolimators are used extensively in workshops, tool rooms, inspection departments and quality control
laboratories throughout the world.

Taylor Hobson Autocollimators are developed on the renowned Hilger and Watts products range and are sensitive optical instruments designed for the accurate measurement of small angular

What applications are best suited to micro-alignment telescopes?

Micro alignment telescopes are available in a range of configurations including

  • Alignment telescopes without micrometres
  • Digital Alignment Telescope
  • Micro Alignment Telescope with CCTV digital camera
  • Micro Alignment Telescopes with built-in optical micrometers

Digital alignment telescopes are typically used for aircraft jigs, large machine tool alignment and in the shipbuilding and submarine industry for torpedo, periscope and drive shaft alignment aplications.

What about laser alignment systems?

Laser alignment systems are alternatives to optical systems such as micro-alignment telescopes and are used for applications such as straightness, twist, perpendicularity, parallelism and more.

Where are electronic levels used?

Electronic level systems such as the Talyvel from Taylor Hobson are ideal instruments for measuring flatness of granite surface plates.

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